Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Save-A-Lot Grocery Store Opens in Midfield, Al. at West Hills Plaza

The community of Midfield welcomes the new Save-A-Lot grocery store. The small close-nit community welcomes not only a new grocery store but the new jobs and opportunities to the community.

Save-A-Lot grocery store in Midfield, Al - Sharp Realty
Photo courtesy of the Mayor’s assistant

The grand opening was on Oct. 31, 2014, with Mayor Gary Richardson and members of the local chamber of commerce present.

Save-A-Lot grocery store in Midfield, Al - Sharp Realty
Photo courtesy of the Mayor’s assistant

Midfield is located in Jefferson County, Alabama. It is south of from the Birmingham suburb of Fairfield.

Save-a-Lot is a American hard discount supermarket chain headquartered in Earth City, Missouri, near St. Louis, United States.

Save-A-Lot grocery store in Midfield, Al - Sharp Realty
Photo courtesy of the Mayor’s assistant
While stores carry most typical grocery products, they feature less variety than conventional supermarkets. A typical Save-A-Lot is 15,000 square feet with items displayed in their cardboard shipping boxes.

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The West Hills Plaza is managed by Sharp Realty, LLC.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

3 Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Website Without Paying For Ads.

Customers can now shop in a world-wide market place, obtaining price and quality information 24 hours a day.  If your company website or blog is not receiving traffic on a daily basis, you may not be using social media correctly.

Here are 3 tips to drive traffic to your website without paying for ads.

1.  Just don't be on social media, engage on social media! This means interacting, re-posting or re-tweeting with individual followers or other businesses. 

Include photos on your posts. Photos attract more attention than just text.

New York - Sharp Realty Inc.

Also, remember to always say “Thank you” and reply to questions when asked.

Hashtag2.  Use hashtags, yes the infamous #.  Be part of a conversation tread or create your own. Use hashtags to be included in different conversations. The hashtags help search engines to find your business.

3. Blog about subjects or event that relate to your target audience.  If mothers between the ages 22-35 are your target audience, post about children events, saving money, family travel, DIY, and family recipes. 

Include links to products and services you offer and company contact information at the bottom of the post.

In this age of e-commerce and online services we all have to be in the game or be left behind.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fastest Growing Retail Businesses

What do Family Dollar Stores, Apple and Tractor Supply have in common?  Not much you may say.  On the surface it may seem that way but they are all part of the fastest growing retail businesses of 2014 according to 24/7Wall Street.
If you are interested in opening a business or franchise in the near future below are the fastest growing retail stores in 2014. Sharp Realty has many of these retail stores in their U.S. commercial retail shopping malls and retail locations today.

  • #10 - Starbucks
  • #9 - Signet Jewelers
  • #8 - AT&T Wireless
ATandT Store - Lease by Sharp Realty
Store location leased by Sharp Realty

  • #7 - Whole Foods Market
  • #6 - Tractor Supply
  • #5 - Apple
  • #4 - Family Dollar Stores
Store location leased by Sharp Realty

  • #3 - Chick-Fil-A
  • #2 - Sherman Williams
  • #1 - Amazon

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Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Best Ways To Show Your Customers You Care About Them?

Shopping is emotional experience and now through social networks and messaging it is being shared instantly with others.

How can you show your customers you care and appreciate their business?

1. Create a Customer Loyalty Program - Develop and execute a loyalty program that will keep your best customers coming back again and again.  Use a punch card or customer identification number to track customer purchases, and then reward loyal customers with a freebie after a certain number of purchases.

2. Thank You Notes – Writing a thank you note or saying it in person doesn't go un-noticed by customers. Thanking a customer for their business is an easy and inexpensive way to let your customers know you appreciate them. The next time they need your products or services, they’ll remember that note or thank you.

3. Remembering Special Days – If you’ve collected information on your customers such as birthdays, anniversaries or other special days, drop them a card in the mail. It’s also a good time to give them a birthday or anniversary discount.

4. Offer Your Online Fans Special Deals Often. - Your best customer advocates will publicly “fan” your business on a social media, so craft a special deal just for them. This not only rewards your existing fans, but sharing deals online is also an easy way to boost social shares and new followers for your business.

5. Going the Extra Mile – You’ve heard the saying to “under promise and over deliver”. If you can go the extra mile for your loyal customers, they will notice. Even if it’s just something really small, they’ll notice and feel cared for.

Retaining customers is much easier than acquiring new ones.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Beat Burnout - 5 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

The best way to beat burnout is by making more time for the activities and people that matter most to you.

Build downtime into your schedule.

Planning Calendar photo - Sharp Realty

When planning your week, make it a point to schedule time with your family and friends, and exercise that help you recharge.

Learn to say NO.

When you quit accepting tasks out of guilt or a false sense of obligation, you'll have more time for the activities that are meaningful to you.

3.   Rethink your daily tasks.
Cut or delegate activities you don't enjoy or can't handle — or share your concerns and possible solutions with your family or employer.

4.   Get moving.

It's hard to make time for exercise but it may ultimately help you get more done by boosting your energy level and ability to concentrate.

Man relaxing  photo - Sharp Realty

5.   Remember that a little relaxation goes a long way.

Even during a busy day, you can take 10 or 15 minutes to rest your mind and/or body and recharge your batteries.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

What are the Advantages of Having a Smaller Store Space?

One of the biggest trends is actually, well, small. The combination of changing consumer shopping behaviors and hard-to-pass-up real-estate opportunities has created an opportunity for many traditional stores.

Small Business

Over the past few years, some large retailers have decided to forgo the hundreds of thousands of square feet and instead opened smaller stores – and consumers are responding quite favorably.

Consumers at times feel overwhelmed in large, massive merchandised filled stores with so many items to select from.

Having an organized exclusive store is easier for the consumers to browse and connect with the staff; this is where the loyalty begins!

Additional advantages for business owner are lower cost and investment. For many small businesses and start-ups this is just the ticket needed for success!

So think outside the box and think small!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Why Open A Family Business in Madison, Georgia?

Madison Georgia, what makes it a great place to open a business?
Besides the amazing people, weather and its proximity to Atlanta and the beaches, the demographics are perfect for a family owned business.

Madison GA Demographics - Sharp Realty

Madison GA Demographics - Sharp Realty

Sharp Realty, owns and manages the retail shopping location at Madison Crossing. Our anchor store is Bi-Lo (41,423 SF), the family friendly tenants include: The Cato Corporation, Shoe Show, Hong Kong Restaurants, Fancy Nails, Lock’s Hair Salon, Pancho’s MexicanGrill, Madison Family Dentistry and Orthodontic Center.

We currently have two retail spaces available in the sizes of 2,800 SF and 1,500 SF. 

Madison Crossing - Sharp Realty

Get your business in the right location!
Commercial Space available for lease, call today to join our retail team.Our Management Team Leader: Rhonda Lusco

Sharp Realty, LLC.
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Save-A-Lot Open in Midfield, Alabama

Save-A-Lot, a full-service grocery store is the new anchor at West Hills Plaza in Midfield.  This brand new corporate store will be a help to the Midfield economy.

Save-A-Lot Store Opening - Sharp Realty

Save-A-Lot Store Opening - Sharp Realty

Thank you to the Mayor of Midfield, Gary Richardson, one of his assistant and the president of the chamber for attending the Grand Opening of Save-a-Lot on Thursday, October 30, 2014

A subsidiary of SuperValu, the grocery store will occupy 19,000 square feet of space in a West Hills Plaza.  It has great visibility, access and signage.

The store's positioning next to the Bessemer Superhighway will likely see a lot of traffic.

Save-A-Lot will join tenants like Compass Bank, Krispy Kreme, Cit Trends, Fred's, Burger King, Walgreens, Subway, Rally's and Rent-A-Center in the 150,000 square-foot space. 

Owned by Sam Sharp and managed by Sharp Realty.

West Hills Plaza - Sharp Realty

For this or other commercial leasing locations: 

Sharp Realty, LLC.
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Troy Alabama - Commercial Real Estate Space for Lease

Sharp Realty & Management, LLC specializes in the acquisition and redevelopment of real estate assets and has a successful track record in value creation. Sharp Realty currently owns and manages over 2,000,000 square feet of space.

Shopping Centers with Retail & Outparcels Space Available for Lease 

Space Available in Troy, Alabama
Southland Village - 104,496 SF Retail Center
Southland Village _ Sharp Realty

Our anchor stores are Farmer's Furniture, Dollar General and Rite Aid. Our other stores are Anytime Fitness, Tractor Supply Company, and Sunny Beauty.

Southland Village _ Sharp Realty

Troy Alabama - Southland Village offers many of the idea conditions prospective business owners are looking for in their new location. It is a 104,496 square foot shopping center located on 231 and Elba Highway.

Spaces for lease: #113 - 3,150 SF and #101 - 11,000 SF

Troy Alabama is the home of Troy University which is the fastest growing state university in Alabama.  Troy serves as the regional shopping hub for the central portion of the state.

Southland Village _ Sharp Realty

Contact Sharp Realty for this or other retail locations.

Sharp Realty, LLC.
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Birmingham, Al. 35209
Phone: 205-879-1995

Make a Good Impression: 5 Ways ToSpruce Up the Office 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Franchise Verses Traditional Business Owner - Which is best?

Many people dream of opening their own business but they are unsure what avenue will be best for their personality, time and money. Is franchising or being a traditional business owner best?

You must weigh the benefits and costs of both and determine which best fits your needs, life style and personality.

Here are six areas you should consider.

When you start your own business, you're in control of every detail, large and small. This can be a blessing and a curse.  With a franchise business, you control your franchise unit in terms of the culture and values you set, and who you hire and fire, but you must follow the franchisor's operating system.

Business Operating system
If you're the creative, innovative type, starting your own business is the way to go. Most franchised businesses provide a complete, out-of-the-box ready to use operating business system.

Brand Awareness
Building brand awareness takes time and money. The advantage for franchise owners is the brand has been established over years or decades. Customers seek out the reliability and familiarity of their favorite brands.

Commercial Business Locations- Sharp Realty, Birmingham AlMost Franchises have a set amount of money to spend on marketing or it is pooled together into a national marketing campaign. 

A single business owner must set aside money and/or time to do the marketing for the business. 

Equipment and supplies
Pros and Cons; Outfitting your new business with everything you need means researching what equipment to buy, finding suppliers, and negotiating deals. The pro is you can be creative and think outside the box.  The con is it can cost a lot of time and money with a small margin for error.

Franchisors can provide invaluable help in knowing both what and how much to buy - often at reduced prices and they have the styles picked out for you.

You may be the best at what you do, but do you know how to manage a business, hire and train employees, market your product or service, keep the books, etc.? When you start your own business, you must learn all these things or hire someone who does.

Franchisors provide new franchisees with extensive training in every aspect of their new business.

We have all heard, location, location, location!
As a small business owner you need the best location to attract the buying customers to your store front. Doing research and contacting an experienced Commercial Realtor who knows your area is all part of starting on your own. 

Commercial Business Locations- Sharp Realty, Birmingham Al

Most franchises have done all the research for you and they know where you should open your store front.

No matter what you decide, run your business with passion and determination to succeed!

Sharp Realty, LLC.
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Business is thriving in Washington Indiana, what is the secret?

The Cherry Tree Plaza is hot with activity of customers and retail stores thriving in this Washington, Indiana shopping complex.

The current businesses located in the plaza include Peebles Department Store, Jay C Foods, Orscheln Farm & Home, Trader Baker’s Flea Market, GNC, Radio Shack, Southern Wireless, Fiesta Salon, Hibbett Sports, Jimbo's Pizza & Wings and Great Wall Restaurant.

New stores added in 2013:
Smooth You Med Spa & Boutique
108 Cherry Tree Plaza
Washington, Indiana 47501
(812) 254-6810

About: Smooth You is a place where all your skincare needs can be met with our numerous products and specialized services. We are located in Cherry Tree Plaza in Washington, IN. Sharon Cullen, R.N. is the owner of Smooth You.

Visit them on Facebook.  

Smooth You Med Spa - Washington, IN - Sharp Realty


Four Stars Books & Games
107 Cherry Tree Plaza
Washington, IN 47501
(812) 259-2035

About: We love entertainment! Video games (New & Retro), DVDs, Books, Electronics, Vinyl, Comics, and RPG Books and Dice! PC repair with FREE estimates! We Buy, Sell, and Trade!

Here at Four Star: Books And Games we pride ourselves in 4 STAR QUALITY REPAIRS at the lowest possible prices! Don’t throw your money away on a new system. Make your electronics last longer, and operate more efficiently! Let us keep your electronics like new, and keep more cash in your pocket!  
Four Star: Books And Games - because if it’s not the best, it just isn’t worth it!

Visit them on Facebook.


109 Cherry Tree Plaza
Indiana 47501
(512) 254-1600
About: Glasses and Contacts in about one hour!
We are a full service optometric practice. We have 5 full time optometrists on staff along with 3 visiting Opthalmologists, one being a retinal specialist. We perform full eye health examinations, along with fitting glasses and all types of contact lenses. We have the largest inventory of the latest eyeglasses and contact lenses in the area. We also have a state of the art computerized optical lab to produce the finest eyeglasses for you in about one hour.

Visit them on Facebook. 

EyeWorks - Washington, IN - Sharp Realty

Expanded in 2013:
Anytime Fitness
101 Cherry Tree Plaza
Washington, Indiana 47501
(812) 254-2200

About: 24 Hour Fitness Club with Personal Training and Tanning available.
Visit them on Facebook.
Anytime Fitness - Washington,IN - Sharp Realty

How to be successful in small business in 2014?
One of most important things is having the right location for your business. Sharp Realty has been helping businesses find the best locations for over 20 years, let us help you!

Get your business in the right location!
Commercial Space available for lease in Washington, Indiana and other locations throughout the United States.
Management Team: Rhonda Lusco, 205-879-1995
Realtor to view the Plaza: Shelley Brinson, 512-254-5204

At Cherry Tree:
Suite 100 @ 2,000 sf
Suite 112 @ 910 sf
Suite 114 @ 5,425 sf
Suite 116 @ 1,200 sf

Sharp Realty, LLC.
400 Union Hill Suite 300
Birmingham, Al. 35209
Phone: 205-879-1995

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