Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Know the differences between marketing and sales - how each affects your business.

Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking marketing and sales are the same thing.  They are very different, yet equally valuable to the success of business.

Marketing is communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service or brand.  

Many businesses hire a marketing specialist to help promote their business in person, online or through various forms of advertising such as social media, television, radio, billboard or print advertisement.

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The marketing specialist’s job is to promote the business “brand” and not to conduct sales. 

Sales on the other hand, are just that, sales!  Sales people work to maximize the money spent to marketing the brand. People who are successful in sales want to focus on making the sales and not on branding.

Sales are the heart of a business!  Allowing competitive sales people to focus only on sales not only will make your business successful but will make you and your salespeople extremely happy.  

photo credit: Hannah Morgan

Marketing is for branding and sales are for generating revenue.

Marketing and sales go hand and hand.  Business owners must budget for both for continued success and growth.

How are you marketing your business?

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