Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Business and Personal Social Media Accounts are Different - Understand How!

In today’s society social media is used by the general public and by businesses worldwide. They both use social media to share events, photos, and stories of current or past events. The average person checks his or her social media accounts up to fifty times a day for updates. Additionally, when he or she post on social media for their personal account, they may think it is done in the same manner as posting for a business. While it is true, posting on social media for a business is similar to posting on a personal account, but there are some differences.

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For example, social media is filled everyday with thousands of family photos, vacation videos, and current events happening in the world from both types of accounts, personal and business. Additionally, both types of social media accounts are free to set up and to use. On the other hand, when a business or person posts on social media; a photo, video, or content, the post is seen by the online audience of both types of accounts. Furthermore, a business and a personal account are allowed to give their thoughts, in the form of content, about how they are feeling, or an option on some current topic happening in the world.  On the whole, both types of accounts are very similar.

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On the contrary, the motive for why a business posts on social media is different then why a person post online. For the most part, when a business posts photos or videos on social media it is with the purpose of building a bond with the public.  Unlike a personal account, who’s motive for posting it to share information, events, and photos with family and friends.  While it is true, the online public can see posts for both types of accounts, a business will have to pay to have their posts seen by all the online audience. To this end, a business account is not free in the same way as a personal account on social media.

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More specifically, the biggest difference between a personal social media account and a business social media account is in the content being posted. To illustrate, a business has the business’s brand to consider when posting content, photos, or videos. Similarly, a business is selling when posting emotional stories, photos, and videos on social media. As a result, the main reason a business posts on social media is to market, sell, and promote the business to the public. In contrast, the average person posts on social media to share his or her life with others. As a result, social media for business and personal use are similar, but they have different motives.     

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Three Keys to Business Ownership

    Many working individuals dream of owning a business rather than working for corporate America or a retail chain. The thought of setting his or her own schedule, spending time with the family, and being his or her own boss sounds wonderful.   Consequently, choosing the correct type of business to own is important in fulfilling this non-corporate dream.  While it may sound wonderful, there are a few vital factors to consider before quitting a day job.  Business ownership requires, time, money, and good products for success.

photo credit: Igor Ovsyannykov
Addressing the first of these factors - time, the most commonly over looked; however, it is the life blood of a new business.  The first year will require much time in establishing a business brand and product line than most business owners anticipate.  Additionally, the store build out and set up will require many long days, nights, and weekend to complete.  If the business has no employees, the business owner will be required to work all the store’s operating hours.  A new business owner must be prepared to spend many long hours to accomplish his or her dream of business ownership.

    On the other hand, there is the issue of money, or lack of it.  Many new business owners think, “build it” and “they” (the buying public) will come.  Sadly, this is most often not the case; in fact, it is many times the opposite. On average the first few years a new business does not make a profit.  The amount of money needed to start, sustain, and market a new business is many times grossly underestimated.  Consequently, a new business owner should be prepared for the “cost” of business ownership and the “lack of revenue” the first few years.
Open sign of a retail store

    Under these circumstances, a line of good products to sell to the shopping public is vital for new business success.  The influence of search engines, and social media have created a more shopping savvy consumer.   Monitoring the latest shopping trends, and anticipating future trends is critical for a business to stay fresh and current.  A continuous line of good products will secure business success in the constant changing shopping world.  Therefore, a new business owner must constantly monitor the demand for the line of products his or her business sells.

   Admittedly, there is nothing that makes working people dream more than owning a new business.  A new business owner must anticipate working long, long hours for several years.  Plan to spend much more money on setup, general cost and marketing than originally planned.  Become obsessed with the current line of products the business carries, thus making it better.  After doing all of this, the dream of business ownership will no longer be a dream, it will be a successful reality.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Is your smart phone stealing time from your day?

We all have a smart phone for convenience and staying up to date on events. But, are they also stealing time from your day?

How many times do you, someone you work with or your employees check social media accounts while at work?

If we are honest with ourselves, it is more than we would like to admit. In this digital day, it is normal and acceptable to be checking your phone.

Research shows the average user checks their phone close to 150 times per day and spends 162 minutes per day, mostly on apps. It is easy to get distracted and waste time while on your phone while at work.

For a business, time is money!

photo credit: kyra preston

Below are three ways to increase productivity at work:

1.   No social media or browsing at work.

2.   Schedule time before or after work to check social media accounts.

3.   Use your phone as a phone and only answer text during the day.

Try it for a few weeks and see how focused and how much more productivity is accomplished at work.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Know the differences between marketing and sales - how each affects your business.

Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking marketing and sales are the same thing.  They are very different, yet equally valuable to the success of business.

Marketing is communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service or brand.  

Many businesses hire a marketing specialist to help promote their business in person, online or through various forms of advertising such as social media, television, radio, billboard or print advertisement.

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The marketing specialist’s job is to promote the business “brand” and not to conduct sales. 

Sales on the other hand, are just that, sales!  Sales people work to maximize the money spent to marketing the brand. People who are successful in sales want to focus on making the sales and not on branding.

Sales are the heart of a business!  Allowing competitive sales people to focus only on sales not only will make your business successful but will make you and your salespeople extremely happy.  

photo credit: Hannah Morgan

Marketing is for branding and sales are for generating revenue.

Marketing and sales go hand and hand.  Business owners must budget for both for continued success and growth.

How are you marketing your business?

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to Unplug and Recharge Your Batteries!

All this modern technology helps us stay on top of appointments, work and family. But unfortunately we tend to stay connected at all times. 

Setting some time to unplug can be refreshing.  
Below are a few suggestions.

Making daily times to unplug is vital.  Each day designate a time for all family members to put their phones or computers on silence to enjoy time with each other.  

Developing this habit with “digital native” children is especially helpful as they grow older.

While waiting, stop yourself from browsing with your phone.  Instead absorb the surroundings, meet other people or enjoy quite time and relax.

On the weekend, make a habit of not checking your phone and limit social media.  You will be surprised how much time social media is consuming.
photo credit: Ana Gabriel

Recharging “your batteries” by doing something creative, visiting family, or going outside is especially vital to business owners for staying balanced.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why Avoiding Sales People May NOT be a Good Idea!

Have you ever lied to a sales person?  You know, give them the old run around. Yea, sales people can be pushy and irritating, but remember, most sales people get paid by commission which translates to “No sale, No pay!”

There are many reasons on any given day why we avoid sales people. No time, no money, not interested, afraid to say “No”.  Some business owners have even been rude or screamed at sale people instead of simply saying “No, I am no interested.”

Below are three reasons why smart business owners should never avoid or be rude to sales people.

1. Sales people may know other business owners and people in your area. This can be a great asset to your business for contacts, services and new customers. Not to mention the impact of social media if you are rude or lie.

Beautiful flowers     2. Sales people are consumers, yes they shop! Don’t be rude or disregard their time by rescheduling meetings just to avoid having to say no. You may lose them as a customer and referrals from their vast number of contacts and friends. 

3. Value their time, as you do your own.  They would rather you say “No, I am not interested” so they can move on the next business. It will make your life easier and the sales person will appreciate you being up front and not wasting their time.

Having a network of sales people from your community can be an asset to your business. Learn how to connect and share.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Professional Office Space For Lease - 400 Union Hill Birmingham Al

Professional Office Space for Lease 

1350 SF at 400 Union Hill, Birmingham AL. 35209

400 Union Hill Birmingham Al - Sharp Realty

It is a Class A space. It is close to downtown but has access to Highway 280. You will have quick access to Mountain Brook and Homewood City.

400 Union Hill Birmingham Al - Sharp Realty

Perfect space for attorneys, insurance, Real Estate, accountants and mortgage underwriters or similar.

Office Space for lease in Birmingham, Alabama - Sharp Realty

Office Space for lease in Birmingham, Alabama - Sharp Realty

Office Space for lease in Birmingham, Alabama - Sharp Realty

Office Space for lease in Birmingham, Alabama - Sharp Realty

Office Space for lease in Birmingham, Alabama - Sharp Realty

Office Space for lease in Birmingham, Alabama - Sharp Realty

Office Space for lease in Birmingham, Alabama - Sharp Realty

Office Space for lease in Birmingham, Alabama - Sharp Realty

Office Space for lease in Birmingham, Alabama - Sharp Realty

Union Hill Complex - Birmingham Al - Sharp Realty LLC

This space is rarely available and will lease fast.

Contact Rhonda Lusco at Sharp Realty for details.