Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to Unplug and Recharge Your Batteries!

All this modern technology helps us stay on top of appointments, work and family. But unfortunately we tend to stay connected at all times. 

Setting some time to unplug can be refreshing.  
Below are a few suggestions.

Making daily times to unplug is vital.  Each day designate a time for all family members to put their phones or computers on silence to enjoy time with each other.  

Developing this habit with “digital native” children is especially helpful as they grow older.

While waiting, stop yourself from browsing with your phone.  Instead absorb the surroundings, meet other people or enjoy quite time and relax.

On the weekend, make a habit of not checking your phone and limit social media.  You will be surprised how much time social media is consuming.
photo credit: Ana Gabriel

Recharging “your batteries” by doing something creative, visiting family, or going outside is especially vital to business owners for staying balanced.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why Avoiding Sales People May NOT be a Good Idea!

Have you ever lied to a sales person?  You know, give them the old run around. Yea, sales people can be pushy and irritating, but remember, most sales people get paid by commission which translates to “No sale, No pay!”

There are many reasons on any given day why we avoid sales people. No time, no money, not interested, afraid to say “No”.  Some business owners have even been rude or screamed at sale people instead of simply saying “No, I am no interested.”

Below are three reasons why smart business owners should never avoid or be rude to sales people.

1. Sales people may know other business owners and people in your area. This can be a great asset to your business for contacts, services and new customers. Not to mention the impact of social media if you are rude or lie.

Beautiful flowers     2. Sales people are consumers, yes they shop! Don’t be rude or disregard their time by rescheduling meetings just to avoid having to say no. You may lose them as a customer and referrals from their vast number of contacts and friends. 

3. Value their time, as you do your own.  They would rather you say “No, I am not interested” so they can move on the next business. It will make your life easier and the sales person will appreciate you being up front and not wasting their time.

Having a network of sales people from your community can be an asset to your business. Learn how to connect and share.

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