Thursday, September 13, 2012

Due to high unemployment many people are turning to entrepreneurship.

Instead of sitting around waiting to hear back from employers, many of the long term unemployed who have lost hope in the possibility of finding a new job are learning to be creative and proactive in making a living through entrepreneurship.

Many new entrepreneurs are now turning their passions such as consignment shops, clock design, pet sitting and writing books into a business. Most importantly, they are creating a business that fits in with their lives, families, personal and professional goals.
Starting a new business does come with challenges but the effort is more gratifying when it benefits you and your family.
After having the “big idea” contact several successful business owners and ask the following questions.  

1.            Define what sets your brand apart from your competitors?
2.            What type of marketing will be most cost effective?
3.            Where is the best store location? 
Shorten your road to success as an entrepreneur by learning from those who have already successfully traveled it.
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