Friday, January 22, 2016

The 10 Top Questions to Ask BEFORE Leasing a Store Space!

Once you have identified a site, or multiple sites of interest, you should then call the Landlord or Listing Broker to obtain all information like asking price per square foot, size of the available store, and set up a showing so that you can view the interior of the space.

photo credit:  Ian Balwin
Additional questions to keep in mind:

- Does the frontage (the number of feet of window space you have open to the street) provide enough visibility to the road?

- Is the bathroom strategically located in a spot that will not take up valuable floor or storage space?

- Is the ceiling in good shape?

- What is the age of the heating and air conditioning unit?

- What are the 1-3-5 mile radius demographics?

- What are the traffic counts at the intersection of the roads at the property?

- What is the access in and out of the property from the streets?

- Is there pylon signage available to you?

- Is there plenty of parking available to you?

- Look at the co-tenants in the shopping center. Are they complimentary uses to yours?

Leasing a retail store should be a successful venture if you are in the correct location and part of a team who not only leasing you the building but works to promote it using social media. Sharp Realty has a proven track record of success and will be happy to help your business to become a success!

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