Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How To Select A Great Franchise Location?

Most franchisors provide you with specific selection criteria for finding a good site such as:

·    Demographic Characteristics

·    Population Density

·    Traffic and Parking Parameters

·    Site visibility  

·    Anchor Stores in Complex 

Most franchise systems assume you'll do most of the legwork in terms of locating a prospective site.

Many franchisors often provide other helpful information, such as the type of tenant mix that is preferable in a shopping center you are considering.

There is usually a team approach to finding the location and negotiating and finalizing the lease. The team consists of you, the franchisor, a local commercial real estate broker and a good lease attorney.

Sharp Realty currently owns and manages over 2,000,000 square feet of space for lease in over four different states. We provide pro-active marketing of each complex with great anchor stores to help drive foot traffic. Contact us today to discuss the right location for your business.


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to keep customers coming back as repeat buyers?

As economic times become tougher many consumers are focusing more on only necessary purchases. How do you get them to continue buying your products or services that are beyond essentials?

Creating an emotional bond between the consumer and the products or services they use is a MUST for business owners.  Apple's iPhone is one of the best examples of a company doing this.

When a customer has an emotional connection with a business or product they are more likely to keep coming back!

How can a business that does not have a large marketing budget still create such an emotional bond?  Below are 4 things a businesses can do to establish and maintain a relationship with their customers.

Retail store space available - Sharp Realty

1.  People connection – it seems like the more mobile and social we are getting online the less social and customer friendly we are being offline.
Remind your employees to connect with the customers, ask personal questions like “Did you have a great weekend”? “How’s your week going”?

There is nothing like good old fashioned customer service when customers are buying in your store or online!

2.  Add a personal thank you note of appreciation for their continued business. A thank you goes a long way especially when it is expressed in the written form. In this modern time we seem to have forgotten the emotional attachment that can develop from the written word.

3.  Highlight your business in a human light by presenting the owner and staff on a personal level.  Feature pictures and stories in your store and online about the person or personal event.

Customer Service & Connecting with Customers is a must!
Create a “Meet the Staff” or Team Board. Design a board in the store that displays personal pictures, hobbies and interest of your staff. As the customers read and see pictures of your team members they become more connect on a personal level and don’t see them just as a salesperson.

4. Create an experience when they come into your store. Design an atmosphere appropriate to your business. Hand out unique paper and pen to take notes, tea or water in a special cup, cookies, or a special goody bag when they check out.

Consumers buy on emotion! You must develop that emotional experience for them. Use your time wisely by creating an emotional and human connection with consumers.
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