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Business and Personal Social Media Accounts are Different - Understand How!

In today’s society social media is used by the general public and by businesses worldwide. They both use social media to share events, photos, and stories of current or past events. The average person checks his or her social media accounts up to fifty times a day for updates. Additionally, when he or she post on social media for their personal account, they may think it is done in the same manner as posting for a business. While it is true, posting on social media for a business is similar to posting on a personal account, but there are some differences.

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For example, social media is filled everyday with thousands of family photos, vacation videos, and current events happening in the world from both types of accounts, personal and business. Additionally, both types of social media accounts are free to set up and to use. On the other hand, when a business or person posts on social media; a photo, video, or content, the post is seen by the online audience of both types of accounts. Furthermore, a business and a personal account are allowed to give their thoughts, in the form of content, about how they are feeling, or an option on some current topic happening in the world.  On the whole, both types of accounts are very similar.

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On the contrary, the motive for why a business posts on social media is different then why a person post online. For the most part, when a business posts photos or videos on social media it is with the purpose of building a bond with the public.  Unlike a personal account, who’s motive for posting it to share information, events, and photos with family and friends.  While it is true, the online public can see posts for both types of accounts, a business will have to pay to have their posts seen by all the online audience. To this end, a business account is not free in the same way as a personal account on social media.

Social Media Cover page - Sharp Realty

More specifically, the biggest difference between a personal social media account and a business social media account is in the content being posted. To illustrate, a business has the business’s brand to consider when posting content, photos, or videos. Similarly, a business is selling when posting emotional stories, photos, and videos on social media. As a result, the main reason a business posts on social media is to market, sell, and promote the business to the public. In contrast, the average person posts on social media to share his or her life with others. As a result, social media for business and personal use are similar, but they have different motives.     

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