Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Start Ups:5 Key Questions you should ask suppliers before doing business.

1. What are my payment terms and are they negotiable?
While payments for invoices are often due within 30 days, you can talk to your vendor about getting 60 or 90 days.

Great retail locations - contact Sharp Realty

2. What will my total costs be?
While a supplier might give you a quote for the cost of a product or materials, be sure to ask about other fees. For example, are there delivery fees, fuel surcharges or restocking charges for returns that you must pay?
3. Can you give me a liability insurance certificate? Your suppliers should provide written proof that they have adequate liability insurance in the event that their products or parts malfunction. Get a new copy of the liability insurance certificate each year.

 4. If a product does not sell, are you stuck with it?
You don't want to get stuck with a finished product that flops or the parts and raw materials for a product that doesn't sell. Talk to your suppliers about their return policies. You want to negotiate the opportunity to return unsold products or materials.
 Great Retail locations - contact Sharp Realty
5. Under what circumstance might prices change?  
Ask what determines a change in price. Is it tied to inflation or an industry index? If prices go up, how much notice will you receive?

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

6 Smart Tips for Leasing Commercial Real Estate.

Securing your first commercial real estate lease can be scary. Below are six point to consider before signing the lease whether as business owner or franchise owner.

  • Evaluate your space needs. Do you plan to grow your business? Your lease term will likely be for many years, so plan accordingly.
Madison Georgia - Retail Real Estate - Sharp Realty.

  • View a lot of properties. Make sure you're comfortable with the price of comparable spaces before making your final decision.
  • Ask about how active the landlord is with advertising and using social media.
    With todays “social” world, most leasing management companies are using social media as a great form of connecting with the public to drive traffic to malls and shopping centers.
  • Look for hidden expenses in the agreement. Charges above your fixed or base rent, like operating expenses, can surprise novices. They may not be in the term sheet, so ask specifically for this information.
Sharp Realty, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Feeling comfortable with the leasing manager is important.
    Because you are going to be working with this person or team for over a year you will want to be comfortable with the leasing manager.
  • Don't review documents on your own. Have a lawyer review the lease.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Deal With Difficult Customers In Retail?

Having a retail store is both exhilarating and exhausting for the owner. At times this means dealing with difficult customers. Often, the anger expressed at the store or team is related to some external event and simply trigger by the problem in the store.

Below are some tips to help navigate you through dealing with difficult customers.

1. Remember to let your customers communicate how they feel.

People have the need to be “heard” or “vent” and this is often all they need to make things better. After they are finished venting, apologize for their unhappiness in your store – even if you do not feel they have been let down in anyway. It’s simply showing you support them in their role as a customer and value their business.

2. Really listen to your customers and what do they need to correct the problem. 

Even if it is not the way you normally handle things, try and deliver a response that shows you respect the customers opinion. If they are challenging your return policy, for example, you can state why it’s in place and that it had to be enforced. Often the explanation alone can help customers see your position in difficult customer scenarios.

3. Fix the problem at hand. 

Whatever the problem is, find a solution. This may mean breaking your own rules every now and again. As a store owner, you should have boundaries to help keep your business afloat and likewise, as a business owner you should be able to break rules when you feel you need to – or want to.  Use your best judgment!  Whatever you do, find a solution to resolve the problem and ideally, leave the customer feeling satisfied that they have experienced valued customer service.

Retail Store space available in Madison GA

In business problems will occur, people will complain and life will go on. A successful business means learning lessons from difficult customers. One day you may want to thank them!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Due to high unemployment many people are turning to entrepreneurship.

Instead of sitting around waiting to hear back from employers, many of the long term unemployed who have lost hope in the possibility of finding a new job are learning to be creative and proactive in making a living through entrepreneurship.

Many new entrepreneurs are now turning their passions such as consignment shops, clock design, pet sitting and writing books into a business. Most importantly, they are creating a business that fits in with their lives, families, personal and professional goals.
Starting a new business does come with challenges but the effort is more gratifying when it benefits you and your family.
After having the “big idea” contact several successful business owners and ask the following questions.  

1.            Define what sets your brand apart from your competitors?
2.            What type of marketing will be most cost effective?
3.            Where is the best store location? 
Shorten your road to success as an entrepreneur by learning from those who have already successfully traveled it.
Offices of Sharp Realty
Sharp Realty has a proven track record of success in commercial retail leasing and management.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why many Retail Store owners are moving to Madison, Georgia

Most retail store owners and franchise owners seek locations that will be a successful for their business but they also desire a town that is comfortable for the whole family to grow and thrive.Madison Crossing Shopping Complex - space for lease

Madison is truly one of those great small towns. The high standard of the entire community reflects the quality of life they all enjoy, the clean streets, the abundance of seasonal flower beds, and the picturesque residences lining historic streets and surrounding the charming of the downtown area.

According to City Data:Madison Crossing Shopping Complex - space for lease
Population in 2010: 3,979.  Population change since 2000: +9.4%

Zip codes: 30650
Estimated median household income in 2009: $45,507
(it was $36,055 in 2000)
Georgia: $47,590
Madison city income, earnings, and wages data
Estimated median house or condo value in 2009: $226,659
(it was $110,300 in 2000)

Madison Crossing Shopping Complex - space for lease
Mean prices in 2009: All housing units: $297,685;
Detached houses: $321,414; Townhouses or other attached units: $84,820; Mobile homes: $43,273

Unemployment in march 2012:
Madison: 7.9%
Georgia: 8.9%

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Madison:
• University of Georgia (about 26 miles; Athens, GA)• Athens Technical College (about 30 miles; Athens, GA)• Georgia College & State University (about 38 miles; Milledgeville, GA)• Georgia Gwinnett College (about 41 miles; Lawrenceville, GA)• Gwinnett Technical College (about 43 miles; Lawrenceville, GA)• Georgia Perimeter College (about 47 miles; Decatur, GA)• DeVry University-Georgia (about 50 miles; Decatur, GA)

A great retail location is the Madison Crossing shopping complex.  It is strategically located on US 129 close to many large stores such as Walmart, Rite Aid, Advanced Auto Parts and Lowe's.
Madison Crossing Shopping Complex - space for lease

The anchor store: Bi-Lo (41,423 SF)
Madison Crossing Shopping Complex - space for lease
Other Tenants Include: The Cato Corp. Shoe Show, Hong Kong Restaurant, Fancy Nails, Madison Family Dentistry and Orthodontist Center.

SharpRealty is based in Birmingham, Alabama and currently manages over 1,000,000 square feet of space throughout the southeast.  Sharp Realty specializing in managing and owning office buildings and retail centers.

Other Shopping Centers, Malls and Offices available for lease.
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eyeworks - Grand Opening in Washington,IN

Sharp Realty is pleased to announce the Grand Opening on Monday, August 6, 2012 at 9am of our latest tenant at 109 Cherry Tree Plaza in Washington, IN.


Eyeworks in Washington, IN
Eyeworks doctors in Washington will be Dr J Scott Hendrix,
Dr Rhett Baker, and Dr John W DeCoursey.

Bottom row L-R Dr. Dirk Bochner, Dr. Rhett Baker;
top row L-R Dr. J. Scott Hendrix, Dr. Mark Hendrix

Eyeworks perform routine eye health examinations, Check for Glaucoma,Cataracts, and all other eye diseases. Perform Diabetic eye exams, Lasik evaluations, pre and post-op Cataract Care, diagnose and treat eye disease.

Fit and prescribe all types of contact lenses from disposable,  one day wear, and flexible wear types. Also contacts for astigmatism, colored contacts, and bifocal contacts.

Nobody has a bigger inventory of contact lenses in this area!

Eyeworks are available after hours for ocular emergencies also. There is a reason we continue to grow each year, we treat you like family!  

"Glasses and Contacts in About an Hour" has been our pledge to you since we started Eyeworks in July 1986. Our optometric practice actually started on the same block in downtown Vincennes in 1945, by our founder, Dr. Eli B. Hendrix, Jr. We've been able to grow and expand because of good people just like you coming to us for your eyecare and vision needs. Because your time is valuable, we have a modern, on-site computerized lens lab where we can make most prescriptions in about an hour or less. You don't have to wait days or weeks to get your new glasses,

Call 812-254-1600 to schedule your appointment.
109 Cherry Tree Plaza in Washington,IN. 
Facebook: IlikeEYEWORKS

Hours: M-T-Th-F 8-5
W 8-8
Sat 8-12


Sharp Realty, LLC.
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Birmingham, Al. 35209
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

8 Ways to Get Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store

The main goal of any retail store is to get customers to walk through your front door! Here are some tips to drive foot traffic to a bricks-and-mortar store.

1. Have a grand opening or re-grand opening. 
Make this day as big a deal as possible. Provide food, offer door prizes, and serve up other enticements and entertainment to make the day memorable. And, while you're doing it, keep tabs on who shows up by having them register to win a prize by providing their name and email address.  

2. Plan on holding other promotional events.
Any promotional event that draws attention can be effective. Look into an in-store raffle or giveaway, and advertise the event on social media (free) and as widely as your budget will allow. Connect with a local celebrity — say, an author or sports figure — having him or her on the premises can bring in clientele. But, no matter what you do, make it exciting and appealing to the public.

3. Make your business newsworthy.
By being newsworthy it attracts business beyond a 24-hour window.  For example, try donating a portion of the day's take to charity can win a flattering article in your local newspaper. Or investigate whether a local radio station would be willing to broadcast live on the day of your promotional event. The key is to grab the attention of customers who can't make it in at that particular time. That drives foot traffic in the future. This makes it all the more likely the customer will read or hear about it and come check it out."

4. Have a sale.
Nothing beats the lure of something that's less expensive for a limited amount of time. Do an e-mail blast campaign to existing and to boost foot traffic, urge them to bring a friend to receive something free or additional discounts. Have a group or individual check-in deal on Facebook for the event.

5. Host a seminar or workshop.
Boosting foot traffic doesn't even have to involve a direct effort to sell a product or service. These days, education is every bit as important and value-added, as consumers want to know how to get the most out of what they buy.

6. Use Social Media! Social Media is free and a great way to STAY connected with your customers and gain new customers. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are great ways to drive foot traffic to the retail location.

7. Promote a mall walking program. Convincing your complex owner to host a mall walker program can provide free publicity and exposure for the store and can literally increase foot traffic near your store.  Mall walker programs are an excellent way to market your store and have a positive impact. Centers often encourage mall walker programs by helping to organize clubs, offering discounts, and providing health checkups onsite.
Madison Crossing in Madison Georgia-Sharp Realty

8. Follow up with your contacts.Keep encouraging foot traffic by staying in touch with customers by different ways, such as social media or e-mail blast. Let them know about events and encourage them to share the news with friends on social media.  

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sharp Realty is Now Social!

Sharp Realty is proud to announce we are now social and would like you to invite you to join us by liking, tweeting, connecting and following. Below are the links to our pages!

Sharp Realty is sharing photos and information about the different properties we manage as well as the events, happening, links and sales of the various businesses at those locations.

Join us for the FUN and let us know what is happening in your community!

Millions of tweets go out daily. Make sure to follow our tweets at @Sharp_Realty for the latest happening with Sharp Realty!

Our LinkedIn Page, Sharp Realty & Management, LLC is a great way to connect on LinkedIn or directly with Rhonda Lusco our general manager. We are active daily and have many connections. Let's connect today! 

Follow our Blog
Our Blog has informative content for business owners, franchisees and those who "Dream to be Business Owners".

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Retail Space for Lease in Midfield Alabama

The West Hills Plaza shopping center has 153,000 square foot of retail center with space available for lease. Wal-Mart across the street.

West Hills Plaza - Sharp Realty

West Hills Plaza - Sharp Realty
The anchor stores are Citi Trends, Fred’s, Burger King.

West Hills Plaza - Picture by Sharp Realty

West Hills Plaza - Picture by Sharp Realty

Other retail stores include Riviera Fitness, Rally’s, Compass Bank.
West Hills Plaza - Picture by Sharp Realty

West Hills Plaza - Picture by Sharp Realty

Krispy Cr̬me Doughnuts, Rent РA- Center, Shoe Show,

Top Fashions (Men’s Clothing Store).

West Hills Plaza - Picture by Sharp Realty

West Hills Plaza - Picture by Sharp Realty
West Hills Plaza - Picture by Sharp Realty

West Hills Plaza - Sharp Realty
About the community:
Midfield is a town in Jefferson County, Alabama. It is south of Fairfield and part of the Birmingham–Hoover–Cullman Combined Statistical Area. According to the 2010 census, it had a population of 11,312 people.

Midfield’s city school system is good; the Midfield metro provides countless activities and various types of entertainment for everyone, including a wealth of natural resources for outdoor recreation.

West Hills Plaza has High Visibility and High FootTraffic Count!
Out-Parcels are also available for lease.
West Hills Plaza - Picture by Sharp Realty

West Hills Plaza - Picture by Sharp Realty

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Retail Space Available - Georgia

Madison Crossing 1700 Eatonton Road Madison, GA 30650

Retail space for lease in this 63,239 SF Retail Shopping Center
Madison Crossing Shopping Center, Sharp Realty
Click for more details

With anchor stores: Bi-Lo (41,423 SF)
Madison Crossing Shopping Center, Sharp Realty
Click for more details

Other Tenants Include: The Cato Corp. Shoe Show, Hong Kong Restaurants, Fancy Nails, Madison Family Dentistry and Orthodontist Center.

Madison Crossing Shopping Center, Sharp Realty
Click for more details

Madison Crossing Mall is located east of Atlanta - see area map of location.

Demographic Snapshot     3 miles - 5 miles - 10 miles
Population                           6,058  -   8,855  -  18,928
Households                          2,341  -   3,351  -  6,942
Av. Household Income         72,955 -   73,152 -  73,988

Other Shopping Centers, Malls and Offices
available for lease.


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Friday, May 11, 2012

Franchise Owners - Do you Need Store Locations?

Sharp Realty & Management, LLC specializes in the acquisition and redevelopment of real estate assets and has a successful track record in value creation. Sharp Realty currently owns and manages over 2,000,000 square feet of space.

Shopping Centers with Retail & Outparcels Space Available for Lease 

Space Available in Troy, Alabama
Southland Village - 104,496 SF Retail Center
Anchors: Dollar General, Rite-Aid, Anytime Fitness, Tractor Supply Company and Farmer’s Home Furniture. Other Tenants Include: Med-South, Inc., Sunny’s Beauty Supply.
Click for More Information & Photos

Retail Space  Available - Northport, Alabama
Northport Corners – 165,000 SF Retail Center
Anchors: K-Mart Department Store (86,467 SF) Other local and national tenants include: Chick fil-A, Hibbett Sporting Goods, Bedzz Express, Taco Bell, Celebration Bakery, Heavenly Ham, Subway, Check Advance, Arby's GNC and CATO Fashions.
Click for More Information & Photos

Retail Space  Available - Midfield, Alabama
West Hills Plaza – 153,000 SF Strip Center
Anchors: Citi Trends, Fred's, Burger King, Riviera Fitness, Rally's, Compass Bank, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Rent-A-Center, Shoe Show and H & H Trading Company.

Click for More Information & Photos

Retail Space  Available - Adamsville, Alabama
Adamsville Town Center – 22,600 SF Strip Center
2.6 Acres on the east side of U.S Highway 78 containing a shopping center at red light of Wal-Mart Super Center.
Anchors: Dollar General.

Retail Space  Available - Madison, Georgia
Madison Crossing   - 63,239 SF Retail Center
Anchors: Bi-Lo (41,423 SF)
Other Tenants Include: The Cato Corp. Shoe Show, Hong Kong Restaurants, Fancy Nails, Madison Family Dentistry and Orthodontist Center

Click for More Information & Photos

Retail Space Available – Washington, Indiana
Cherry Tree Plaza - 143,600 SF Retail Center
Anchors: Peebles Department Store, Jay C Foods, Orscheln Farm & Home, Trader Baker's. Other Tenants Include: Southern Wireless, Hibbett Sports and Anytime Fitness.

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