Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Marshalls to open fall 2024 in Madison, Georgia. 
This retail store will be in the Madison Crossing shopping center that is anchored to Harbor Freight Tools! It is located in a very high traffic area across from Walmart.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Harbor Freight Tools open for business in Northport, AL

The new store is open for business since October 17, 2018 at the Northport Corners Shopping Center between Walmart Neighborhood Market and the strip mall that angers Cato Fashions, Rent-A-Center, Honey Baked Ham and many others.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Harbor Freight Tools to open store in Northport, AL

The new store will be opening at the Northport Corners Shopping Center between Walmart Neighborhood Market and the strip mall that angers Cato Fashions, Rent-A-Center, Honey Baked Ham and many others. See details...

Friday, May 5, 2017

Large Commercial Retail Spaces Available

Retail space available: West Hills Plaza - 8,000 SF space in a busy retail center in Midfield, Alabama. The other stores include T-Mobile, Burger King, Cato Fashions, Fred;s, Citi Trends, Rally's, Compass Bank, Subway, Save-A Lot Grocery, Shoe Show Mega Store, and more. 

Retail space available: Southland Plaza - 11,000 SF space in a busy retail center in Troy Alabama. The other stores include Farmer's Furniture, Dollar General and Rite Aid, Anytime Fitness, Tractor Supply Company, and Sunny Beauty.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

The 10 Top Questions to Ask BEFORE Leasing a Store Space!

Once you have identified a site, or multiple sites of interest, you should then call the Landlord or Listing Broker to obtain all information like asking price per square foot, size of the available store, and set up a showing so that you can view the interior of the space.

photo credit:  Ian Balwin
Additional questions to keep in mind:

- Does the frontage (the number of feet of window space you have open to the street) provide enough visibility to the road?

- Is the bathroom strategically located in a spot that will not take up valuable floor or storage space?

- Is the ceiling in good shape?

- What is the age of the heating and air conditioning unit?

- What are the 1-3-5 mile radius demographics?

- What are the traffic counts at the intersection of the roads at the property?

- What is the access in and out of the property from the streets?

- Is there pylon signage available to you?

- Is there plenty of parking available to you?

- Look at the co-tenants in the shopping center. Are they complimentary uses to yours?

Leasing a retail store should be a successful venture if you are in the correct location and part of a team who not only leasing you the building but works to promote it using social media. Sharp Realty has a proven track record of success and will be happy to help your business to become a success!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Business and Personal Social Media Accounts are Different - Understand How!

In today’s society social media is used by the general public and by businesses worldwide. They both use social media to share events, photos, and stories of current or past events. The average person checks his or her social media accounts up to fifty times a day for updates. Additionally, when he or she post on social media for their personal account, they may think it is done in the same manner as posting for a business. While it is true, posting on social media for a business is similar to posting on a personal account, but there are some differences.

photo credit : Kyra Preston
For example, social media is filled everyday with thousands of family photos, vacation videos, and current events happening in the world from both types of accounts, personal and business. Additionally, both types of social media accounts are free to set up and to use. On the other hand, when a business or person posts on social media; a photo, video, or content, the post is seen by the online audience of both types of accounts. Furthermore, a business and a personal account are allowed to give their thoughts, in the form of content, about how they are feeling, or an option on some current topic happening in the world.  On the whole, both types of accounts are very similar.

Social Media Cover page - Sharp Realty

On the contrary, the motive for why a business posts on social media is different then why a person post online. For the most part, when a business posts photos or videos on social media it is with the purpose of building a bond with the public.  Unlike a personal account, who’s motive for posting it to share information, events, and photos with family and friends.  While it is true, the online public can see posts for both types of accounts, a business will have to pay to have their posts seen by all the online audience. To this end, a business account is not free in the same way as a personal account on social media.

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More specifically, the biggest difference between a personal social media account and a business social media account is in the content being posted. To illustrate, a business has the business’s brand to consider when posting content, photos, or videos. Similarly, a business is selling when posting emotional stories, photos, and videos on social media. As a result, the main reason a business posts on social media is to market, sell, and promote the business to the public. In contrast, the average person posts on social media to share his or her life with others. As a result, social media for business and personal use are similar, but they have different motives.     

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Three Keys to Business Ownership

    Many working individuals dream of owning a business rather than working for corporate America or a retail chain. The thought of setting his or her own schedule, spending time with the family, and being his or her own boss sounds wonderful.   Consequently, choosing the correct type of business to own is important in fulfilling this non-corporate dream.  While it may sound wonderful, there are a few vital factors to consider before quitting a day job.  Business ownership requires, time, money, and good products for success.

photo credit: Igor Ovsyannykov
Addressing the first of these factors - time, the most commonly over looked; however, it is the life blood of a new business.  The first year will require much time in establishing a business brand and product line than most business owners anticipate.  Additionally, the store build out and set up will require many long days, nights, and weekend to complete.  If the business has no employees, the business owner will be required to work all the store’s operating hours.  A new business owner must be prepared to spend many long hours to accomplish his or her dream of business ownership.

    On the other hand, there is the issue of money, or lack of it.  Many new business owners think, “build it” and “they” (the buying public) will come.  Sadly, this is most often not the case; in fact, it is many times the opposite. On average the first few years a new business does not make a profit.  The amount of money needed to start, sustain, and market a new business is many times grossly underestimated.  Consequently, a new business owner should be prepared for the “cost” of business ownership and the “lack of revenue” the first few years.
Open sign of a retail store

    Under these circumstances, a line of good products to sell to the shopping public is vital for new business success.  The influence of search engines, and social media have created a more shopping savvy consumer.   Monitoring the latest shopping trends, and anticipating future trends is critical for a business to stay fresh and current.  A continuous line of good products will secure business success in the constant changing shopping world.  Therefore, a new business owner must constantly monitor the demand for the line of products his or her business sells.

   Admittedly, there is nothing that makes working people dream more than owning a new business.  A new business owner must anticipate working long, long hours for several years.  Plan to spend much more money on setup, general cost and marketing than originally planned.  Become obsessed with the current line of products the business carries, thus making it better.  After doing all of this, the dream of business ownership will no longer be a dream, it will be a successful reality.

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