Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Deal With Difficult Customers In Retail?

Having a retail store is both exhilarating and exhausting for the owner. At times this means dealing with difficult customers. Often, the anger expressed at the store or team is related to some external event and simply trigger by the problem in the store.

Below are some tips to help navigate you through dealing with difficult customers.

1. Remember to let your customers communicate how they feel.

People have the need to be “heard” or “vent” and this is often all they need to make things better. After they are finished venting, apologize for their unhappiness in your store – even if you do not feel they have been let down in anyway. It’s simply showing you support them in their role as a customer and value their business.

2. Really listen to your customers and what do they need to correct the problem. 

Even if it is not the way you normally handle things, try and deliver a response that shows you respect the customers opinion. If they are challenging your return policy, for example, you can state why it’s in place and that it had to be enforced. Often the explanation alone can help customers see your position in difficult customer scenarios.

3. Fix the problem at hand. 

Whatever the problem is, find a solution. This may mean breaking your own rules every now and again. As a store owner, you should have boundaries to help keep your business afloat and likewise, as a business owner you should be able to break rules when you feel you need to – or want to.  Use your best judgment!  Whatever you do, find a solution to resolve the problem and ideally, leave the customer feeling satisfied that they have experienced valued customer service.

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In business problems will occur, people will complain and life will go on. A successful business means learning lessons from difficult customers. One day you may want to thank them!

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