Monday, May 6, 2013

Good Customer Service Leads to Repeat Business

Have you ever gone in a store and ask for help or when cashing out the person taking care of you never said a word or even looked up? How did it make you feel?
In the age of online communication, there seem to be a disconnect with communicating with a real person. Many people have to learn or relearn how to communicate in person.

Providing good customer service online is great but connecting with the person in front of you in your store is a must for the success of any small business.

Small business must set themselves apart from big corporate brands. A successful way to do this is build a rapport or bond with your customers. Since most purchases are bought on an emotional level, learn and teach your staff to build a bond with your customers.

Here are 5 tips for better customer service;

1. Say “Hello, how are you? How may I help you” and here is the catch, WHILE looking the person in the eyes.

2. When a customer is looking for something, take them to the item don’t just point in the direction.  Oblivious they don’t know the store very well or they have never been in the store before.

3. While helping customers, ask questions either related to the product for service or general questions. The more you communicate with your customers the better you will know them and their buying habits and you build a bond with the person.

4. Ask the customer their name, repeat it in the conversation and make note of it with a few notes so when they return you will remember.  The goes a long way! People like to feel remembered and special.

5. Say Thank You. Two simple words we sometimes forget while building a bond with customers.

By providing great customer and making those personal connections you have given them an emotional experience rather than just a purchase. They will remember it, share with others and return for more.


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