Thursday, August 15, 2013

12 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Meeting

Remember to:

1.  Prepare! Even if you know the material inside and out, being prepared helps you stay on track, remember all the points you want to discuss and command your audience.

2.  Start and end on time. You lead and teach by example, starting and end on time shows a level of respect on your part to the audience and gains the audience’s respect for you.

3.  Have an easy to follow agenda.  Audiences like knowing what is being cover and what is next, having an agenda that is easy to understand will ensure that anyone can stay on point with you.

4.  Have the right attendees. By inviting only the attendees relative to the subject or project will ensure full attention and participation.

5.  Agree on action items.  This step eliminates wasted time later trying to gather all the parties back together again for an approval. There is nothing worse than trying to get an approval to move forward and a key person is on vacation.

6.  Have common understanding of outcome.  By everyone having on the same sheet of music will ensure productivity.
Business meeting


1.  Meet too often. Having meetings too often is a waste of time and money on everyone’s part.

2.  Meet too long.  Cover only the necessary points and information.  At a certain point the audience losses interest. 

3.  Meet without need.  Again, biggest waste of time and money for any company large or small – monitor how often meetings are arranged for your business.

4.  Get off topic. Getting off topic can take you down different roads and you may miss the points of what you need to cover.  If questions arise during the meeting have a Q&A at the end or in an email format to be addressed at a later time.

5.  Get off rhythm. Stick to the agenda and don’t get stuck on a single topic.

6.  Allow anyone to commandeer. Maintain control of the meeting, otherwise you will lose respect and risk not achieving your expected outcome. 

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