Sunday, November 11, 2012

6 Smart Tips for Leasing Commercial Real Estate.

Securing your first commercial real estate lease can be scary. Below are six point to consider before signing the lease whether as business owner or franchise owner.

  • Evaluate your space needs. Do you plan to grow your business? Your lease term will likely be for many years, so plan accordingly.
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  • View a lot of properties. Make sure you're comfortable with the price of comparable spaces before making your final decision.
  • Ask about how active the landlord is with advertising and using social media.
    With todays “social” world, most leasing management companies are using social media as a great form of connecting with the public to drive traffic to malls and shopping centers.
  • Look for hidden expenses in the agreement. Charges above your fixed or base rent, like operating expenses, can surprise novices. They may not be in the term sheet, so ask specifically for this information.
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  • Feeling comfortable with the leasing manager is important.
    Because you are going to be working with this person or team for over a year you will want to be comfortable with the leasing manager.
  • Don't review documents on your own. Have a lawyer review the lease.

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